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We are Hiring a Criminal Defense Resource Center Manager

The Criminal Defense Resource Center Manager manages a special unit providing legal support services to assigned criminal defense counsel and public defenders throughout the state. The CDRC Manager oversees and directs the publication of books, manuals and newsletters, collects and organizes pleadings and resources in online databases, maintains and develops website content, develops and conducts training events for trial defense counsel, delivers legal information and research materials to public defenders and assigned counsel, and responds to legal questions, oversees independent contractors, and improves and creates resources for the defense bar. The position pays $110,000 to start. A successful manager will earn up to $147,000 through annual pay increases. Read More

Breaking News: Mandatory life without parole is unconstitutional for 18-year-olds

People v Parks (Docket No. 162086) decided July 28, 2022

The State Appellate Defender Office applauds the decision of the Michigan Supreme Court today for our client Kemo Parks, holding that automatically sentencing an 18-year old to die in prison violates the Michigan constitution as cruel or unusual punishment.  Read More

MAACS Presents the Virtual Writers' Roundtable

Beginning Thursday, July 21 at 3pm (third Thursday following)

Join us for an opportunity to improve your legal writing and address case-based writing challenges (and receive CLE credit) at the MAACS Virtual Writers’ Roundtable on Thursday, July 21, at 3:00pm, then on the third Thursday of each month following. The Roundtable, hosted by MAACS Litigation Support Counsel Stephanie Farkas, is open to all MAACS roster attorneys but limited to six attorneys per session due to the collaborative nature of the work. Read More

Listen To ‘From The Numbers’

Storytellers Share Their Stories of Redemption

Safe & Just Michigan, in partnership with Muskegon-based Fresh Coast Alliance, is excited to launch ‘From the Numbers,’ a new storytelling-based project that will  Read more

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