Former Supreme Court Justice, Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer Backs Campaign for Justice in Major Newspaper Editorial

The day the ground-breaking report was released, former Detroit Mayor and Michigan Supreme Court Justice Dennis Archer joined well-known Lansing lawyer and former aide to Governors Milliken and Engler Richard McLellan in penning an opinion-editorial supporting defense reform that appeared in the state’s largest newspaper, the Detroit Free Press.

Said Archer and McLellan:

"These cases reveal the damage that results when a public defense system doesn't do its job. In these cases alone, nearly 13 million taxpayer dollars were wasted, decades of the victims' lives lost, and the real perpetrators remained free."

"It has become evident to us that the 13 profiles represent hundreds -- if not thousands -- of cases where justice was not served in our state. Meeting Michigan's constitutional requirement means making sure lawyers have the experience and resources needed to represent their clients. This is not happening in Michigan . . . "

"We have a serious, systemic problem within the criminal justice system. It is a call to action for leaders in Lansing looking to make government more effective, efficient and accountable. The rights and responsibilities within the U.S. Constitution cannot be set aside, even when times are tough and budgets tight . . . "

"We urge our legislators in Michigan to take a leadership role in addressing the problems with our public defense system. This is exactly the time leaders should look to the Constitution and ensure that Michigan upholds the fundamental rights of all our citizens."