CDRC Subscriptions

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The Criminal Defense Resource Center provides high-quality client-centered education to Michigan's criminal defense bar and provides resources to advocates and impacted individuals. 

Yearly subscription runs from October 1st until September 30th! Subscriptions include access to the following:

  • A comprehensive set of books and manuals that summarize and analyze the law relevant to criminal cases in Michigan. Current materials address Motions, Pleas, Pretrial Proceedings and Trials, Evidence, Search and Seizure, Sentencing, Youth Life Sentencing, Interlocutory Appeals, Direct Appeals, Habeas Corpus, Commutation, the Department of Corrections, and Reentry.
  • The Criminal Defense Newsletter, a monthly publication that covers developing issues, legislative changes, recent opinions, pleadings of interest, local successes, and practice tips.
  • Online access to an expert witness database, a police misconduct database, a brief bank, and thousands of opinion summaries.
  • Access to the Forum, an online discussion group composed of over 1,800 criminal defense attorneys, and the ability to review and search past messages.
  • A collection of model pleadings, filed in the Michigan state and federal courts.
  • Online access to a video archive of past trainings, covering a wide array of topics relevant to criminal defense practitioners.
  • A wide array of self-help and informational resources for incarcerated people and returning citizens, as well as their family and friends. 

Print versions of our Defender Books, Criminal Defense Newsletters, and Manuals can be purchased separately or in addition to any web-based product plan. Full information and pricing can be found and purchased online visiting our Products Page. Questions? Call Heather Waara at 313-256-9833 or email