Legal Resources

Cornel University Law School []

Crimelynx []
Links to legal research, experts, investigation and forensic sites, crime policy; designed for criminal defense practioners

Internet Tools for Attorneys []
Mostly links to legal sites, web site development services.

Legal Ethics []
Collection of national resources on ethical rules and regulations regarding Internet use by attorneys; maintained by Internet Legal Services.

The Injustice Line []
Stories and case histories of injustice.

Famous American Trials []
Interesting collection of information about a dozen high-profile trials; includes audio clips, visual exhibits, pleadings; maintained by a law professor.

Legal Databases

Lexis/Nexis []

Westlaw Classic []

Westlaw Next []

VersusLaw []

Legal Publishers

West Group []
Now including West, Lawyers Cooperative, Clark Boardman Callaghan and Bancroft-Whitney. Product and ordering information.

Legal Search Engines

Google Scholar []

Findlaw []

Law Guru []

Medical Databases

US National Library of Medicine Databases Resources & APIs []
Database of Electronic Information Sources. The best collection and summaries of medical links, including free Medline and toxicology links. Most links go to free databases with fulltext and images. Great place to start research.

Pubmed []
Great search interface for medical research, including by author (use for experts). Collects related articles, downloads articles, all without charge.

Statistical Databases

Fedstats []
Maintained by more than 70 federal agencies, searchable large database including census, IRS and National Center for Health agencies.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data []
Access to over 500 data collections on criminal justice; searchable and browsable.

US Census Bureau []

2010 Census Information []