The Defender Books

The CDRC Defender Books are available and open to all to purchase.

For over twenty years, the Defender Books have provided Michigan's criminal defense attorneys with accurate and focused surveys of the law, as well as useful forms, on all aspects of trial and appellate procedure.  Users can quickly locate relevant case opinions, statutes and court rules on any criminal topic, as each book is edited by experienced attorneys to provide only the current law.  Thousands of pages of valuable content are provided, online and searchable, or in hard copy at the option of the subscriber.  Earlier book editions are archived and accessible. 

The Defender Motions Book addresses pre-trial practice and commonly-filed motions on such issues as bail, substitution of counsel, suppression of illegally-seized evidence, admission of expert and scientific evidence, and discovery.  Form pleadings provide templates for use in real cases.

The Defender Trial Book covers topics from arrest through trial, including substantial chapters on pretrial procedure, evidence, defenses and jury instructions.  A chapter on criminal offenses provides not only the law on elements of the offenses, but also lesser included offenses and penalties.  

The Defender Plea, Sentencing and Post-Conviction Book provides legal authorities on all issues relating to the taking of a guilty plea, including cases on enforcement of plea bargains.  Sentencing checklists are supplemented by chapters covering economic penalties, repeat offender enhancements, probation, sentencing procedure, and sentencing alternatives.  A chapter on post-trial motions and appeals addresses scope and standards of review, remedies, and expungement. 

The Defender Habeas Book covers the challenging and complex area of federal court review of state convictions.  The Habeas Book provides comprehensive information about practice and procedure, sample pleadings, and court forms for use by indigent petitioners.   

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